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Privacy Statement
The website is a purely promotional tool intended for use by travel trade professionals. It is non-profit-making and its primary purpose is to divulge the Algarve as a tourist destination. The selection of contents featured in the site has not been influenced in any way by commercial or any other interests.
Under the terms of article 35 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and Law No. 67/98 of the 26th of October, data collected about visitors to the site is not of a personal nature and as such users’ identities remain confidential. The only data collected about users shall be profiles, interests and countries of origin, which shall be used for the purpose of drawing up statistics relating to visits to the site.
The e-mail address is supplied by the user for the purpose of receiving newsletters containing information on the activities of the ATA and its members.
Users’ individual data, even when anonymous, shall only be shared with third parties acting in the name and on behalf of the ATA and ERTA, under confidentiality agreements.

Declination of Responsibility
Despite its daily efforts to maintain and update this site, the ATA cannot guarantee that the information contained therein is always accurate and up-to-date. As such, the ATA declines any responsibility for direct or indirect consequences resulting from the use of the information given, particularly with regard to business contacts or alterations (without prior notifice).
We therefore recommend users confirm the information given directly with the organisations and businesses mentioned.
We would be grateful if you could inform us of any errors, omissions or out-of-date information you find on our site so that we can correct them.

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